September News

September News

Hi Everyone,
September is here! Perhaps it’s because so many of my friends and family have kids, September has always seems like a busier month than others. I know that you yourself might be adjusting to new schedules, driving car pools and getting the kids to their after school activities as well. Furthermore, we are coming up on the holiday season which adds to the revved up atmosphere and it’s just great! Even as a kid, I would love shopping for new art supplies for school and the fresh smell of crayons in the box and the thrill of meeting and making new friends…. how exciting! Everything seems to pick up speed in September and I love using the busy vibes to help me focus in writing and drawing.

Next month, everyone is focused on Halloween and more or less settled in their new schedules. But September is all about adjusting to new ones, and getting back to real life after the summer glory days. It can be tough at first, but it’s great to meet the challenge.

My September began by adjusting to the new schedule of drawing finished pages for my next book. The writing and drafting out of the pages was a fun process altogether. It is a cool story in which is all about following your intuitions and beliefs no matter how crazy they may be. In this volume Elena sees a vision that compels her to go down some interesting paths on her way to finding the truth. After first losing her mother to breast cancer and later in life having her new-born taken away from her at the hospital, Elena once again feels a tremendous sense of loss. Her visions of a baby angel in her closet who gives her a glimpse into the future has a huge impact on her. Is it reality or another delusion? Elena is reflecting on this one day while out for a drive and she sees a kid in an Alfa Romeo pass who then, brake checks her! Number one: Elena can’t believe that someone would have such road rage. Number two: She can’t believe its a little KID behind the wheel! Determined to take the munchkin safely off the road, a spectacular car chase ensues! However, the kid gets away using some very clever means. A series of things happen that ultimately lead them meeting again at a modest Italian car shop where, Elena notices the mysterious child has the same colored eyes as the Angel in the vision! All of a sudden her motherly instinct kicks in and Elena wishes to protect the child for some reason. It’s good she does because the little one has a very important message for Elena. Is the child hiding her true identity? Are these chance encounters Elena’s imagination coming to fruition? Or has Elena simply forgotten to take her anti-psychotic meds once again? I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

So enjoy the rest of September because October is nearly here…. and so is the 2017 Italian day parade in San Francisco! More on that in my next post! I hope you have a chance to check out Red Bella volume one and two when you get chance. They lead into the book I am writing now and also were a lot of fun to create too! Until next time, Take care!



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