A New Red Bella Project Begins!

A New Red Bella Project Begins!

Hello friends!

Alright here we go! This is my first blog post so I’m pretty excited to give you an update into my next book in the Red Bella series. It’s been a while since I have posted anything about my book on the information-superhighway (aka the internet). I thought this would be great opportunity to give readers an insight into my work.

After I completed work on my recent book “Il Regalo”, I had to take a break to recuperate! It took six months of non-stop drawing to complete all 64 pages.Many of my readers had lots of questions as to what happens next in the series. They were eager to find out what happens to Elena’s baby, how she got her new car and what’s in that mysterious box in the Alfa 4C. My plan was to take a few more months off, but I’ve started to get the bug to draw again!

That being said, I will be posting the entire process of creating my upcoming graphic novel titled “Red Bella: Il Riscatto”. My creative process may be a bit unorthodox to some so just bear with me! Also, my posts will give you a glimpse into the life of Elena and her crazy-killer-adventures. My plan is for this book to be about 84 pages in length. Hopefully it doesn’t take an eternity to do it…We’ll see!

Red Bella ScriptSo let’s get started shall we? Each of my books starts with a basic script. This is a break down of the entire book and what happens in each scene. At this stage, we won’t worry too much about the dialog since we’ll add that in last. However, if I feel that a piece of dialog is witty enough, I’ll just keep it in there. If I’m bored or listening to a PowerPoint presentation about BMW’s, I’ll just start doodling…which happens A LOT. When an idea comes to my head for a particular scene or if I see something interesting such as a squirrel or an upside down house, I tend to sketch it out on scratch paper. Once I am ready to start writing, we’ll then gather all of the doodles from the past few months to see how best to incorporate the ideas.
Red Bella Sketch LayoutRed Bella Preparationpre-production-elena-sketchVarious Elena SketchSketch of ElenaRough Elena Sketch
At the time of writing this it is 3:00 am here in California and I have just finished writing the script and eating my Top Ramen. Next step will be the fun part…that is, drawing the storyboard for each page and illustrating the preliminary drafts!

There will be more to come so be sure to check back with me soon for another update! Take good care and drive Alfas!


Red Bella

P.S. You can follow me on Instagram @redbellanovel, as I’ll be posting short videos and pictures as we go along too. Ciao!

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